The Era of Great Wonders began without warning.

Over night they appeared: giant monsters from beyond imagination ready to turn the great cities of the world into their personal battlefields.

Amongst the ruins the survivors struggled to maintain their lives, the soldiers, the bandits and the normal people just trying to stay alive.

The Era of Great Wonders is an original graphic novel by Jenn and John Myers that tells the story the Giant Monster War from the point of view of the people who lived through it.



z_about_wesenDr. Wesen

A professor of Science! at Pangaea University, and the foremost expert on “The Time of Giant Men.” He personally knew Eugene, James, and Bethany. He was one of the leading intellectuals during the years of strife.


z_about_bestfriends2Eugene Park, James Romero, Bethany Best

The three friends whose lives changed the course of not only their home city-state of Pangaea, but of the entire world around them.


z_about_ramon_romeroCommander Ramon Romero

Father of James Romero. Career military. Took command during the notorious West Pangaean Bridge Disaster that claimed hundreds of lives, and cut the city-state of Pangaea from the rest of the continent.


z_about_janice_jonesJanice Jones

One of the few survivors from the West Pangaean Bridge Disaster. She recorded a series of cellphone videos of life and survival in the refugee camps.


z_about_obrienCaptain O’Brien

A pilot who was involved in the Disaster at West Pangaea Bridge, and who tried to provide air support.


Sgt. Geraldine Smythe

Special forces soldier assigned to track and arrest gangs of bandits and looters of Pangaea.

Eoin Larson

One of the many refugees left in the rubble of the city, unable to receive military aid, Eoin as his two small children survived as bandit clan after bandit clan took over the neighborhoods, in between giant monster attacks.




Named by Eugene Park. While actively friendly with Eugene, James, and Bethany, Xxxtremor was largely indifferent towards the rest of humanity.

The Great Scyphozoan

Large jellyfish looking thing. I’ve drawn it a lot. Size of a city block, and walks on giant tentacles. But mostly, I draw it as a sort of jelly “swarm” of creatures. A hive-mind thing.

Icysaurus Rex

A critter I’ve not drawn yet. I’m thinking it should be fishy looking, but still kinda kaiju? Is described as a tentacle fish. Not to be confused with an Ichthyosaurus, because, yeah, I checked in with John about that.