Okay. I don’t know if John’s manuscript will allow this, but I’m declaring a moratorium on drawing crowds and crowds of people. At least for a few more weeks.

The phrase “Your Sacrifice Sustains Us All” reminds me of playing D&D when our normal excuse when we did something (usually stupid) was that it was “For the Good of the Party.”

Which, I think, is how terrible things like this happen in the really real world too.

Although, mind you, in the really real world, I don’t know that anyone has actually unleashed ultimate evil upon the land, rather than vanquishing it. But then again, I’m not as strong with my knowledge of history, so who knows?

Also, there were a lot of commas in those last few sentences. I’m sorry about that. I tend to pause a lot when I speak and I have a habit of writing the way I talk. Sorry again.